The R&I department is supporting or leading on a wide range of evaluation projects at any one time. The involvement of the team varies from project to project: we manage whole projects but also provide advice and support for each separate component of the process. This can include:

Background research (e.g. literature review)

Defining requirements and identifying potential outcomes

Identifying existing or developing specific instruments (e.g. standardised scales, questionnaires, interview schedules,)

Data collection (e.g. interviews, focus groups, surveys, performance indicators…)

Selecting and designing appropriate format for data storage and retrieval (e.g. Excel, SPSS, NVivo databases)

Data presentation and analysis (both quantitative and qualitative)

Report writing and dissemination

Recent projects include:

Evaluation of assistive technology (MyAmego) in inpatients settings

Data analysis of the Family and Friends test (staff survey)

Evaluation of training and implementation of The Model of Creative Ability

Exploratory evaluation of phone interventions in an IAPT service (R&D secondment project)

A national survey of non-medical prescribing implementation

Evaluation of the impact of an intervention to improve physical health in EI team (R&D secondment project, part of The Abandoned Illness project)

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