For details on upcoming events, please see below. We hold various annual and regular events throughout the year, more details of which can be found further down. As well as these, we often support other services with their events, for example, the annual Acute Inpatient Conference.

Regular or Annual Events:

The R&I department hold an annual programme of lunchtime research seminars. Last year’s seminars were well attended by over 150 staff from across the Trust. These are held in various locations around the Trust (St George’s, Haywood or Redwoods) and cover a wide range of topics. Recent seminars have included:

  • A Beginners Guide to Completing a Small Research Study and Getting Published
  • Professor Saeed Farooq, Professor of Psychiatry and Public Mental Health at Keele University and MPFT
  • Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour, and Mood Symptoms, in people with Bipolar Disorder
  • Gemma McCullough, PhD student, University of Worcester
  • Perinatal Anxiety Research: Progress, Plans and Future Opportunities
  • Dr Tom Kingstone, Research Associate in Mental Health, MPFT and Keele University, and Dr Victoria Silverwood, GP in Staffordshire
  • "It's Good to Talk" addressing the psychological impact of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Professor Sarah Ryan, Professor Rheumatology Nursing, MPFT
  • Dementia Research: The Use of Music in Dementia
  • Ruby Swift, a PhD student from the University of Worcester

Research Conference with Neil Martin ChristianIn September 2019, we hosted our first Research Conference as MPFT. The conference ‘Research in Clinical Practice: Improving Patients’ Health’ attracted over 120 staff from a wide range of services and disciplines. Due to the popularity and overwhelmingly positive feedback, we will be holding another in September 2020.

Every year we celebrate International Clinical Trials Day in May with various events throughout the Trust. In the past we have held coffee mornings, had speakers presenting on research as well as other drop-in promotional events that highlight the wide variety of clinical trials taking place in the Trust across both mental and physical health and how people can get involved.


collage of photos from different locations on Clinical Trial Days

Upcoming Research Events

There are no upcoming events.