We will soon launch our new research training and development programme to support staff at the Trust. The programme will combine structured formal workshop / seminar-style teaching (to focus on research methods) with more flexible bitesize approaches (to focus on a specific skill e.g. getting published, completing an IRAS application) to best meet the training needs of staff.

In addition to this we also contribute to the national Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training program and have trained facilitators within our team.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training

All clinical research is conducted to Good Clinical Practice (GCP), the international ethical, scientific and practical standard. As part of the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research GCP training is a requirement for all Researchers involved in the delivery of Clinical Trials of Investigational Products (CTIMPS). GCP compliance ensures the data for research studies is reliable and importantly ensures the rights, safety and wellbeing of participants.

As a trust we follow the Delegation and Training Decision Aid (Link below) to decide if GCP training is a requirement, however we feel it is good practice to complete the training if you are able. Due to the variety of research study types it may be that NIHR short courses or training aids may be more appropriate.


The GCP training course is free to all NHS, UK universities and other publically funded organisations who support clinical research. The course can be accessed via the following link


The training can be completed as a face to face or online Introduction to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) course. This should be refreshed every 3 years using the GCP refresher training.


Other training

On the NIHR learn website if you work for the NHS, a UK university or other a publically funded organisation that supports clinical research, you are able to access other training opportunities provided by the NIHR such as Informed consent.


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