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MPFT are proud to announce the launch of our online FutureLearn course: "Starting out in Health and Social Care Research". 

In 2022 the team behind the MPFT STARS Programme (Supporting the Advancement of Research Skills) secured funding from the Clinical Research Network West Midlands to work in partnership with Keele University to develop an online course to support staff who would like to take their first steps into research.

This unique course offers staff working across the whole of the health and care system the opportunity to learn from experts and peers through articles, videos, audio and interactive exercises. 

Learners can study every step of the research process from developing an idea to publishing. They also receive advice and guidance on the ways they can be involved in research and how it can enhance their professional careers and the care they offer their service users.

FutureLearn is a global online platform so you can access the course from wherever you are and you can learn at your own pace. Learners will explore a different topic each week including:

  • Importance of research in UK health and social care
  • Balancing work and research commitments, and how to get involved in research
  • Developing a research idea and how to find and secure funding
  • Obtaining approvals for research
  • Involving members of the public in research and how to share research with others 

Whether staff are brand new or a returning researcher, they’ll gain the guidance they need to enter the world of research with confidence and insight. 

To find out more about the course, or to sign up, visit the Future Learn website.

A free upgrade for this course is available for NHS staff by registering here. The free upgrade is also available to NHS-affiliated staff. Check eligibility. This upgrade enables you to study the course over a longer period of time free of charge and gain a certificate at the end.