Student studies within the Trust are processed in the same way as research studies. As part of the governance process the ‘Assess, Arrange and Confirm’ route is undertaken.

It is expected that with student studies, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) ethical approval and Health Research Authority (HRA) approval has been provided and in some cases the NHS Research Ethics Committee approval has also been sought. This would be dependent on the type of student study, however students are able to use the free HRA decision tool to decipher whether NHS Research Ethics Committee approval is needed. The link to the relevant tool is provided in the useful links section below.

The HRA also provides a decision tool to enable students to decide whether or not their study is research. These types of studies would not need to apply for HRA approval but will still require a governance review to be take place within the trust.

The HRA offer bite-size eLearning modules that provide guidance for students and supervisors in setting up Research.

If a student requires trust signatures for their Independent Peer Review (IPR) Form, this is sent to A member of the Research Support Team will be in touch and signatures will then be obtained.

Students external to the trust may require HR arrangements for their research. This will be assessed as part of the governance process. For more information please visit Honorary Contracts

The current student eligibility criteria for ethics review and HRA/HCRW approvals during COVID-19 pandemic, until the 31st August 2021, is shown on the HRA website. There will be a new eligibility criteria from the 1st September 2021.
Please see the following link below for more information: Student research - Health Research Authority

If you have any questions, please contact the Research and Innovation department on 01785 783180 or


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