As detailed on the Undertaking Research at the Trust page, we can provide help and advice for all aspects of research design and delivery, as well as the process for providing capacity and capability for research being undertaken in the Trust.

Once you have a preliminary protocol or design in mind, the best step is to assess whether your project is research, service evaluation or audit.

The Health Research Authority have a decision tool, which can be used to assess which approval route you may need. It is always worth contacting the local R&I department / sponsorship office to talk through your design, and liaising with the service lead to ensure your study can be delivered as you plan (your R&I Department can help with this also).

Once you have the outcome of the decision tool, there is a wealth of resource and support available throughout the Trust to help you get your project started regardless of the classification. Use the links below for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Research and Innovation department on 01785 783180 or


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